Beautifully Connected by Carmie De Leon

Be happy: Guard your thoughts. Happiness is a choice. Words by Carmie Pascual De Leon

Protect your Circle.
Stay with people who live life exuberantly.

Surround yourself with people of values. Stay close to those who you can lift you up, learn from about life and grow with purposefully.

Those who appreciate and encourage you to be better and be the best version of you each day without changing a bit of your uniqueness and individuality.

Those who will stick with you through high and low, cry and laugh with you. Rejoice in your victories and weep on your gory days.

💕 Start with your MOM, a person like no one else.

💕 Go seek your mom’s wisdom.

Be with optimistic souls, who can find hope in every bad situation, harmonize with everyone, without the need to step on someone.

1. Stay away from bad apples.
Who you are hanging around with most of the time rubs off on you the same thoughts, words and principles.

2. Veer away from negative people who talk about other people and complain about almost everything, or eventually, you’ll be one of them.

If you feel you can change them, go on but I don’t think so. You can try though.

3. Fill your heart with compassion.

Fill your mind with sweet possibilities.

Instead of counting and succumbing to pain, count your blessings.

Flashback of sweet memories not the past mistakes.

Lessons and learnings, recall success stories.

4. Listen to music that lifts the spirit. Start your day with praise songs.

5. Read books that will polish your skills and enhance your talents.

6. Watch videos that encourage love, hope and unity. Not the usual quality content – empty.

7. Control your emotions – stay cool in challenging situations, find time to reflect before you react and use words that construct. Emotions that make, not break.

8. Watch your non verbal/body language. Let your unspoken words touch emotions and cheer the souls. Grab a heart share.

9. Spot the positive wrapped in every stuff and view everything and everyone as a gift, a chance to learn from, inspire and impact lives.

10. Be kind to all, especially to those who can’t give back the favor, and to the unreasonably unkind.

11. Be the CEO – Chief Encouraging Officer – chief cheerleader that appreciates little efforts and contributions. Disregard minor flaws, pull people closer to excellence and gentleness.

12. Take ownership of your thoughts and accept the consequences on your actions. No blaming, no whining game.

13. Eat healthy and live the SHEER Life.
Eat well

14. Reach out, talk it out and laugh out loud. Make new friends and stay #BeautifullyConnected
We’re meant to lean on, bloom and flourish with one another.